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Debbie Liccardi, Office Manager

Hello my name is Debbie.  I have been with Dr. Schnell since 1999, and have a background in X-ray technology.  In the practice I run the front desk.  So, if you are coming to see us, you’ll see me first!   I will help you get registered with our practice, get you familiar with our Patient Portal, an important interface for communicating with our office about your medical care, and will assist you in coordinating follow-up care.  If you require MRI, CT Scan, or other advanced imaging procedures, I will also be helping to get your studies pre-authorized with your insurance company.  Please feel free to call if you have any concerns that need our attention.

Jeannette Davies, Billing Manager

Hello, my name is Jeannette.  I am the Billing Manager for our practice and have been with Dr. Schnell since 2006.  I am here to assist you with all your insurance/billing questions.  You may also direct your questions to me through our Patient Portal.  We participate in many health insurance plans, and I will work hard to create a financial plan specific to your needs.  We strive not only to provide the highest quality of care, but also to meet our patient’s needs at every level!

John Schnell,M.D., Physician

Welcome to our practice.  I will be the primary physician for many of you with injuries (work, home, auto), or may just be providing you with secondary services (Peer Review, Independent Medical or Disability Examinations).  For others I may be performing an Electromyogram (EMG)-Nerve Conduction Study to help characterize your nerve injuries.  My hope is to serve as a primary caregiver  for those of you with orthopedic or neurological injuries.  And I am very familiar with surgical specialists around the city, who may at times be important co-providers of care for serious problems.  Good communication with you, and with your other physicians is essential to a good medical care experience.  And that is my goal.

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